1. The Company’s policy is to conduct business with honesty and integrity, and be ethical in all its dealings, showing respect for the interest of those with whom it has relationships.

  2. The Company complies with all laws and regulations. All employees are expected to familiarize themselves with laws and regulations governing their individual areas of responsibility, and not to transgress them. If in doubt, employees are expected to seek advice. The Company believes in fair competition, and supports appropriate competition laws.

  3. The Company does not support any political party nor contributes to the funds of groups whose activities promote political interests.

  4. The Company is committed to providing services that consistently offer value in terms of price and quality, and satisfy customer needs and expectations.

  5. The Company is committed to run its business in an environment that is sound and sustainable. As a good corporate citizen, the Company recognizes its social responsibilities, and will endeavor to contribute to community activities for the betterment of the society as a whole.

  6. The Company believes in and fully adheres to the principles of reliability and credibility in its financial reporting and in transparency of business transactions.

  7. The Company is an equal opportunity employer. Its employee recruitment and promotional policies are free of any gender bias, and are merit and excellence oriented. We believe in providing our employees safe and healthy working conditions and in maintaining a strong channel of communication with them.

  8. The Company expects its employees to abide by certain personal ethics, whereby Company information and assets are not used for any personal advantage or gain. Any conflict of interest should be avoided, and if where it exists, it should be disclosed and guidance sought.

  9. The Company Board is to ensure that the above principles are strictly complied with, for which purpose the Board has constituted the audit committee to be supportive of compliance.