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Our Vision


Quice Food Industries was established on march 12,1980 as a private limited company. 

We aim & committed to offer and deliver high quality and great tasting products in category of Food & Beverages with fun by keeping the latest technology with advance state a the art production machines and providing best experience that makes our valued consumer of all age feel welcome & freshness simultaneously both in Pakistan & International market while ensuring or shareholders for adequate return and continuing to plays our significance role in the development of social, economic and environmental sector of our society.

Our Mission

We strive with great potential to achieve the market leadership through the latest tools to distinguish by high quality products and customer satisfactions and emphasis on employee’s long-term welfare.

We further wish to contribute in the development of economy of our country through harmonized endeavor.

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Our Values


We instill trust in others by being 
trustworthy ourselves


We help each other get it right every
time, on time


We choose the right path with positive
intent and consistency


We protect consumer’s well-being


We find new and better ways to create
products, solutions, and sources of


We care about people and the
communities where we work

Who we are

Quice Food Industries is a leading and competitive Food & Beverage Company conducting its operations with all the reserved rights in this society and giving a positive contribution and working for the betterment of creating shared and equal values in the economic system of Pakistan, while serving its consumers, customers and stake holders with best quality products.

Quice Food Industries Ltd currently operating with its Three strategic Business Units consisting of Syrup Range Unit, Fruit Drink Range Unit and Soft Drink Unit with different Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) simultaneously on the other hand People, Products and Standard are the main flag bearer of the company’s vision. The company strategy is guided by corporate business principals which are in line with the best practices and ethical moral performance culture.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which illustrates our programe and all of the  principles encompassed in this policy cover all areas of our operations.

Compliance & Sustainability

We are proud to have a number of accreditations which reflect our commitment to quality, our passion, Sustainability and our dedication to ethics.

Research & Development

At Quice Foods we combine market knowledge, consumer insights and customer needs to create new product opportunities.
Our R & D teams work with our customers to fine-tune and tailor trend forward products that align with our customer’s growth strategies.


What Our Consumers Say

Faraz Khan

I really like Froot Full Mango juice, its taste is very nice & the packing is so beautiful.

Ali Al Nuwais

Fruit Farm Pomegranate is really awesome, I feel refreshingly energetic after drinking this.

Wilson William

I really like Froot Full Mango juice, its taste is very nice & the packing is so beautiful.

Emily Taylor

I like Froot Full Pomegranate juice in transparent Can. This is really tasteful & energetic, I drink this in the morning with my breakfast.

David Nithin

Fruit Farm is one of my favorite fruit drink, the taste is very delicious & refreshing.

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